The Recruitment Trends You Need to Embrace

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The last couple of years has been hard on everyone – from employees to recruiters, all the way up to the hiring managers and CEOs themselves. Finding suitable candidates for your business is already a tough enough task without a global pandemic hindering the search for the best-suited and most qualified employees.

With businesses, schools, and entire cities being shut down for so long due to Covid-19 and the world continuing to change as it has, people were finding that the jobs they were in perhaps weren’t the right fit for them – and employers were coming to realize that the old ways of hiring and working had changed significantly. With remote work proving to be more cost-effective, trade sectors employing more than any other industry, and people resigning from jobs that didn’t meet their standards in terms of pay or quality of treatment, businesses will need to evolve how they approach talent acquisition.

As an employer, adapting to this new change in how potential employees view and search for relevant jobs for their lifestyles and needs (that are cohesive with the business’ needs) is imperative to recruiting and maintaining a quality team. Below, we will discuss practical ways to improve your hiring techniques and the best hiring trends for the coming year. Here are some current trends in the recruitment process.

Employer Branding

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Before you can even start looking to hire new talent for your business, it’s essential to make sure your company has created a brand appealing to potential job candidates. In the past, company branding meant putting the company at the forefront of its advertising. This meant discussing products and services and focusing on revenue and competitive pricing for consumers. Nowadays, company branding means putting their employees first and foremost.

Showcasing the quality of treatment, inclusion, fair pay, and highlighting the employees themselves is the best way to advertise its brand. As we have seen in the last two years, a company cannot function without the people who make the cogs turn. Quality treatment of the workforce is the only way a business can flourish – and so is staying competitive with other companies in this aspect. If you don’t offer your employees creative freedom, proper wages, opportunities for growth, and worthwhile benefits, they will almost definitely resign and move on to another venture. Creating a well-rounded and appropriate company brand will attract the right candidates and keep the employee turnover rate low.

Using AI and Automation in the Recruitment Process

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In a world that has been changed dramatically by a global pandemic, remote work has become a standard for employment. As a result, many companies utilize artificial intelligence recruitment tools such as chatbots, automated interviews, and predictive modelling to screen candidates and conduct first interviews. Using AI recruitment reduces time spent and cost on the employer’s end, but it also cuts down on bias, which helps narrow down a larger field for the most qualified candidate.

Predictive modelling is essentially an algorithm created as you start screening candidates. When using AI interview automation, the AI will keep track of all of the qualities you require for that specific job opening – which helps weed out unqualified candidates. In addition, AI-based interviews cut down on unconscious bias and the time it takes to conduct an in-person interview, which helps provide an avenue for finding the most qualified talent and reduces the costs the business spends on interviewing and screening.

Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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A point that we touched on previously is using these updated hiring techniques to cut down on unconscious bias. When the world shut down, employers noticed that people started paying more attention to social issues such as pay wage gaps and lack of diversity in the workforce. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are non-negotiable in 2022. Not only is creating a diverse and safe work culture important for employees, but it also leads to a company’s success in the future. It attracts the correct type of workforce and shows that the company cares more about its people than anything else, attracting more consumers.

Investing in creating an inclusive space within your company is the gateway to longevity and success. 

For example: 

  • creating job postings that include gender-neutral terms; 
  • hiring people for their talents and without racial or sexual bias;
  • and offering equal and fair wages amongst all employees 

These will foster a positive work culture and help create a quality team of talented individuals that will want to be a part of your company long-term.

Using data in your Screening Processes

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An integral part of AI automation is predictive modelling. Using predictive modelling and utilizing that data when screening applicants will lead you to the most qualified candidates for your company. This data is taken from the applicant’s AI automated interview or chat with a chatbot and matches it to the qualities and requirements your business is searching for. This not only assists in cutting down on time spent interviewing potential talent but narrows down the pool of applicants to those that are best suited for that job opening.

Navigating a new way of hiring can be scary – especially in a world that has been turned upside down by a global pandemic. However, change is necessary for growth. Utilizing these hiring techniques and finding the best talent for your company will help your business boom in the coming year.

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