Eliminating Resumes from Your Hiring Process

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As was the norm for the last few decades, building a resume was crucial when looking for a new job. Many companies wouldn’t even consider applicants if they lacked a proper resume. 

Well. . .that is now considered the old way of thinking.

With labour shortages on the rise, we face the tightest job market since the 1950s. Nowadays, companies are eliminating resumes from their hiring processes and utilizing AI automation such as ResumeFree to focus on potential candidates’ talent, skills, and qualities to find the perfect match for their workforce.

Here are just a few ways eliminating resumes from your hiring processes can create high-performing teams.

Eliminate Bias

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By eliminating resumes, businesses eliminate unconscious bias during the hiring process. This is a valuable thing to have as a company because by eliminating discrimination during an interview or screening process, you are focusing on the jobseeker’s qualifications rather than their sex, age, ethnicity, criminal record, or anything else that would limit the hiring manager’s view of a person.

Companies that promote diversity and gender inclusivity are 21% more profitable than those that don’t. Being a diverse and inclusive company is significantly more appealing to jobseekers and future consumers! Fostering a work culture that is welcoming to all will help you create a workforce that will want to be a part of the business for a long time, and find more dedication to their work and, in-turn, work more efficiently.

Eliminating bias for individuals that don’t have or don’t know how to write a resume or have a criminal record is also essential during the screening process because these job seekers make up a crucial part of the workforce. With the current labour shortage, appealing to all audiences during talent acquisition will allow you to have a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Become More Efficient

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Eliminating resumes and using AI interview automation also creates a more efficient way of screening applicants. It cuts down on person-hours spent sifting through resumes and the costs of conducting interviews with folks who aren’t qualified for the role. Using these AI evaluations can assist businesses in narrowing down their candidates to the most qualified and best-suited applicants for the job.

Now, to get suitable applicants for your company, it’s vital to update job postings that maybe haven’t been updated recently. Unfortunately, it’s been a trend lately that companies aren’t updating their job postings and descriptions – after years. In addition, many job postings that haven’t been updated require degrees where they aren’t needed instead of offering on-the-job training.

Updating your posting to reflect your company’s values and appeal to more diverse potential job seekers will also foster efficiency during the hiring process. As well, this helps to weed out candidates that wouldn’t be appropriate for your business.

Get Rid of the Old Ways of Hiring

Old signage for hiring.

Jobseekers are reevaluating their priorities nowadays, so they seek jobs that align with their morals and ethics and mesh well with what they’re talented at. This fostered the labour shortage because people started to care more about who they were working for and what they were doing versus just working to make a paycheck. That is why companies need to adapt to modern hiring practices. Eliminating resumes, using automated forms of screening, and signing up to programs that use AI to filter out unqualified candidates is the best way to find the right talent for your workforce.

Utilizing AI screening creates a blind hiring process without having a person behind the curtain with a big black Sharpie do the work. Blind hiring is essentially a way of eliminating the bias on an application. It removes anything that would associate the applicant with sex, ethnicity, religion, etc., that would generally make a biased person throw out their application. This creates a focus on an applicant’s qualifications and skills rather than ill preconceived notions that come with unbiased screening.

Getting rid of the old practices of talent acquisition that have been around for years and years creates an avenue for the most qualified applicants!

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